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Immigration, Consumption and Markets

Appel à communications, colloque international, Lille, 18-19 mai 2009

publié le vendredi 31 octobre 2008


The ETHNOS (program funded by the French National Research Agency - ANR) together with the Lille School of Management Research Centre (ESA-Université de Lille 2 and Group ESC Lille) announces the Call for Papers for the International Conference on “Immigration, Consumption and Markets”. The Conference will be held on May 18th and 19th in the University of Lille 2 and followed by a special issue of Consumption, Markets and Culture.

During the second half of the 20th century, the increasing processes of migration have been an essential element of political and economic globalization processes and reframed the demographic, social and economic landscape of developed countries. Questions of immigration have become key issues in contemporary debates. In many countries, immigration and ethnic diversity represent major challenges at the dawn of the 21st century. Within this current context there is a demand to develop more profound understanding of the economic and social dynamics of immigration and its impact on the market.
We invite submissions that examine consumer culture and/or market phenomena as it reflects the ethnicity and is influenced by ethnicity and by immigration experience from multiple trajectories : social, cultural, economic and political. A broad range of topics for papers is encouraged for submission (but is by no means limited to) ethnicity and/or migration and marketplace/consumer behavior in relation to :
 Consumption and identity projects
 Historical perspectives
 Identity and ideology
 Market treatments
 Public policy considerations
 Territorial spaces (local, national, transnational genealogies)
 Intergenerational/family dynamics
 Interactions with dominant cultures
 Cultural relations between groups
 Role of markets in the construction of intercultural societies/communities
 Representation and interpretation in media

ARNOULD Eric, University of Wyoming, USA
BONSU Samuel, Schulich School of Business - York University, Canada
GER Güliz, Bilkent University, Turkey
KJELDGAARD Dannie, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
OSWALD Laura, University of llinois, Champaign Urbana, USA
PEÑALOZA Lisa, Edhec, France
PRAS Bernard, Université Paris-Dauphine, France
SCHROEDER Jonathan, University of Exeter, UK
VISCONTI Luca, Università Bocconi, Italy

Papers :
Papers should be formatted according to the guidelines for Consumption, Markets and Culture available at [] except that the length of the manuscript should not exceed 30 pages double spaced text, including tables, figures, appendices and references using Times New Roman 12. Each paper requires an abstract of 100-150 words summarizing the significant points covered.
Page 1 : Title, author, and full contact information.
Page 2 : Title and abstract (100-150 words), single-spaced
Page 3 : Title and extended abstract (750-1,000 words), single-spaced, for publication in the conference program. The extended abstract should provide a summary of the paper, including conceptualization, method, and major findings.
Page 4 : Body of paper begins

Special Session Proposals :
Proposals should include 3 presentations and a discussant. Proposals should include :
Page 1 : Session title, presentation titles, session chairperson, discussant, and full contact information for chairperson, discussant and each presentation.
Pages 2 : Single-spaced description of session and rationale.
Pages 3-5 : Single-spaced 500-word abstracts for each presentation.

Working Papers :
Accepted working papers will be presented in a poster session. Working papers represent early stage work and should include :
Page 1 : Title, author, and full contact information.
Pages 2-3 : Title and extended abstract 750-1000 words.

Intending participants to the conference should electronically submit their full papers or proposals to by the 16 February 2009 for consideration. All submitted manuscripts must be original papers of scientific quality in regard to theoretical and methodological criteria and will be peer-reviewed before the 15 March 2009.


The conference is organized in conjunction with a special issue on Consumption, Markets & Culture (not restricted to nor required by conference participants). Søren Askegaard and Nil Özçaglar-Toulouse will serve as guest editors for this special issue which will be published in 2011. Authors will have a short time after the conference to revise their paper for submission to the special issue. The final paper for the consideration of the special issue of Consumption, Markets & Culture will be submitted by the Friday 18 September 2009. All enquiries regarding the special issue of Consumption, Markets and Culture should be addressed to the guest editors at or

Note de la rédaction

Co-chairs :
Professor Søren Askegaard, University of Southern Denmark
Ass. Professor Nil Özçaglar-Toulouse, University of Lille 2

Keynote speakers :
Professor Ayşe Çağlar, Central European University
Associate Professor Barbara Robles, Arizona State University

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